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    Sperm Analysis

    A sperm analysis is performed on a recent sperm sample, which is to be tested for the following:

    • Sperm count – the number of spermatozoa per ml (normal range: more than 20 million/ ml)

    • Sperm motility (normal range: at least 50%)

    • Sperm morphology (normal range: at least 15%)

    A normal sample should have a volume of at least 2ml.

    Important notice: prior to sperm analysis, the man should have abstinence of 2 to 4 days (neither more nor less); otherwise the result of the test will be inaccurate.

    If sperm count exceeds 20 million/ml, then the sperm is considered capable of ensuring a normal pregnancy. However, a woman can conceive with an even lower count, provided there are no female fertility issues.

    In case sperm volume is lower than normal (2ml), fertility treatments might prove necessary.

    In some cases, there are no spermatozoa in the sperm. This is called ‘azoospermia’. This might happen because there is some obstruction in the epididymis or because there is a problem in the production of spermatozoa.

    As far as survival essays are concerned, it has been proven that testing for sperm survival rates after 12 or 24 hours has no therapeutic value.


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