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    11 reasons to trust Gennima

    1. Honesty in every step of the treatment

    We treat every couple who need a fertility treatment with honesty in every step of their treatment whether it is about the necessary tests, the most suitable treatment, the course of the treatment, the handling of the gametes and the embryos or whether it is about the estimated cost of the treatment.

    2. Individualized treatment and personal care

    For us, every couple facing infertility is special and unique. We do not treat ‘cases’, we treat people. We focus on personal contact and care and we adjust the treatment to the individual needs of every couple. We pay attention to detail and so our patients feel that we really focus on their individual needs.

    3. Experienced and recognized physicians

    We want to offer you the best possible care and help you create the family you have always been dreaming of as soon as possible. Our doctors are highly experienced, they have been trained in England and other countries and they have helped hundreds of couples. But most importantly they are passionate about your positive outcome. Their goal is to advise and guide you in an honest and straightforward way and to offer you the most suitable treatment according to your individual needs.

    4. High quality medical care

    At gennima we offer high quality medical care every day. All the doctors, embryologists and nurses take part in the continuous education program and stay informed of all the latest developments in reproductive medicine.
    We heavily invest in state-of-the-art equipment for our embryology lab, which is operated daily according to the strictest standards. We make sure that the embryos are cultured in the best possible conditions. That is how we ensure high rates of top quality embryos ready to be transferred.
    Our high success rates mean that we can focus on the safety of our patients and their embryos. We take all measures necessary to avoid complications, like the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and multiple pregnancies.

    5. High success rates

    Our treatments success rate is very high and today we are proud to say that ‘gennima’ lacks nothing compared to the finest IVF clinics abroad.
    What we want more than anything is to help you become parents of a healthy baby as soon as possible. That’s why we recommend the most appropriate treatment for each couple and we make sure that every oocyte and every embryo which is treated outside the body is treated in such a way that are affected as little as possible.

    6. We respect your trust

    You trust us for your treatment and we feel obliged to respect that. This is our commitment and promise to all couples who need a fertility treatment: we treat all our patients with respect and honesty.

    7. Clear and straightforward medical advice

    Respectfully, honestly and with attention to detail, we are thorough in pinpointing the causes of infertility before starting treatment and we eliminate any factor that may influence the treatment in a negative way. We feel obliged to recommend the most suitable treatment according to the latest scientific and medical developments in reproductive medicine and we inform each couple about their individual success prognosis in a realistic and straightforward way. We will not lie to you nor will we give you false hopes, even if it seems that it is going to be difficult to achieve a pregnancy.
    We inform you in an honest and straightforward way about your personal success rate, about each step of the way and also about the cost of the treatment. We will provide you with general medical information and specific information according to your needs. Every step of the way we will explain what is going on, what are the alternatives and will happen if the treatment is not successful.

    8. We are there for you

    We try to dedicate as much time as possible to each patient and give and answer to all their needs. We respect your time and we try to be punctual to our appointments. However, sometimes, due to the nature of our treatments, there are delays in our schedule. We ask for your understanding and your cooperation.
    We are available every day, according to your treatment needs, whether it is the weekend or a holiday. Your oocyte retrieval should be done exactly on the right time. We realize that your treatment should not disrupt the rest of your life or your other activities. We try to adjust your appointments in such a way that you don’t need to explain to your boss every time you need to come to the clinic for your treatment.

    9. We are proud of our embryology lab

    Our embryology lab is operated daily under the strictest standards. Our embryologists work with dedication and attention to every detail. They will inform you, along with your doctor and the nurses, about the progress of your treatment. Our embryologists treat your gametes (oocytes, sperm) and embryos according to all rules of ethics and medical law. Our offices are warm and friendly and they reflect the quality of our lab that our patients cannot see.

    10. We work together as a team

    We all work together as a team and our common goal is to make the experience of an infertility treatment as simple and stress-free as possible. Our goal is to help you have the family you always dreamed of!
    Our nurses are responsible for the coordination of your therapy. All the members of our team are aware of the details of your treatment. This way we can inform you about the course of your treatment or answer to your questions, whenever necessary.

    11. Carefully chosen partners

    In order to be able to recommend the most suitable treatment, certain tests are necessary (clinical or lab tests, diagnostic procedures). At ‘gennima’ we offer full medical services, so we cooperate with diagnostic centers, other physicians and so on. All our partners have been chosen according to specific criteria such as their scientific background, their cooperation and the quality of their services.

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