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    Public Relations

    We like to keep in touch with all the interested parties, patients, couples facing infertility for the first time or couples who have completed their families with our help.

    Kassiani Kalaitzi, MSc – Biologist, PR Manager
    Kassiani is a biologist with post-graduate studies in Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Manchester and also in Marketing and Communication. She has worked in the marketing department of pharmaceutical companies.
    Kassiani is responsible for updating our website and facebook page and she keeps you informed about our latest news. Working together with the doctors, she prepares all brochures distributed to our patients.
    Kassiani will call you the day before your initial consultation and she will inform you about your appointment step-by-step. We feel that this way the couples do not feel stressed about ‘what is going to happen’. She will remind you to bring all the tests you have done so far with you. This way your appointment will become as productive as possible.
    If you have embryos or sperm samples cryo-preserved in our embryology lab, please contact Kassiani.

    Gennima | Gynaecology & Reproduction Center

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