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    Our 5 embryologists are responsible for the in-vitro part of your treatment (what happens outside your body, in the lab). In our embryology lab, we apply all the latest and most effective in-vitro fertilization techniques with attention to detail. We approach each couple individually in order to achieve the best possible outcome, a successful fertility treatment. Our high success rates would have been difficult to accomplish if it weren’t for the top quality of our embryology lab.

    The embryologists are responsible for collecting the oocytes after the oocyte retrieval and for preparing them before fertilization. They perform sperm analysis and preparation before fertilization. They also prepare the samples after PESA, TESA or TESE biopsy.

    Our embryologists perform in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and they culture the embryos before embryo transfer. They apply special fertilization methods for serious male infertility such as PICSI or IMSI. They have a lot of experience in culturing blastocysts and they perform pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) when there is need to check embryos for hereditary diseases (e.g. thalassaemia or cystic fibrosis) or chromosomal abnormalities. Our embryology lab also offers cryo-preservation services (oocytes, sperm samples and embryos - blastocysts included).

    Our embryologists keep you informed about the progress of your embryos. Right before embryo transfer, they give you the summary of your treatment, including photos of your embryos.

    Theoni Pastroma, MSc, Cert. Clin. Embryol – Clinical Embryologist, Senior Embryologist
    Theoni is a molecular biologist with a master’s degree in Human Reproductive Biology from Imperial College in London (Hammersmith Hospital Campus). She is a certified clinical embryologist in the UK (state registered with the Health Professions Council) and she has worked as a clinical embryologist in Liverpool for 6 years. In 2007 she became the senior embryologist at Gennima IVF. She has attended specialized seminars on PGD in London, Madrid and Barcelona.

    Theoni has presented her scientific work at international symposia for reproductive medicine and she has published articles in international periodicals. She is a member of the Association of Clinical Embryologists, the British Fertility Society and the Greek Clinical Embryologists Association.

    She is strict in setting high standards for the daily operation of the lab, she is dedicated and pays attention to every little detail. Working together with the other embryologists, they make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken in discretion and in strict confidence. Theoni attends European and international congresses on embryology and reproductive medicine in general in order to be informed about the latest developments at all times. She has a dual objective: to maintain high success rates of our treatments and on the other hand to make sure that our embryology lab is just as good as the best embryology labs in the world.


    Katerina Christodoulou – Biologist, Clinical Embryologist
    Katerina is a biologist (she graduated from the University of Patra) and she has been working as a clinical embryologist for more than 10 years. She has worked at London Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic, at Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic (2000-2002) and after that in other fertility clinics in Athens before joining Gennima IVF in 2007.

    Katerina is a member of the Greek Clinical Embryologists Association. She has presented her scientific work at international reproductive medicine symposia and she has published articles in international periodicals.

    Katerina is very experienced and methodical. Her stability and credibility contributes to the top quality of our lab. She attends seminars and keeps in touch with the latest developments in embryology.


    Emmanouela Mitsi, M. Med. Sci. – Clinical Embryologist
    Emmanouela graduated as a biologist from the University of Ioannina and then she went on with her post-graduate studies in Assisted Reproduction Technology at the University of Nottingham. She has attended seminars on the newest embryo cryo-preservation techniques. Emmanouela joined our team of embryologists on 2008 and she was trained to deal with all fertility treatments. She is very devoted and hard-working and she has become a valuable member of the team.


    Theodora Mavreli, MSc - Clinical Embryologist
    Theodora has a Biology degree from the University of Ioannina and a post-graduate degree in Reproduction from the University of Athens.

    She has worked as an embryologist in another IVF clinic before joining our team at Gennima IVF in 2011. She already has gained significant experience in everyday lab work.


    Iro Karagiorga, MSc – Clinical Embryologist
    Iro has a Biology degree from the University of Ioannina and a post-graduate degree in Reproduction from the University of Athens.

    Iro is the youngest of our embryologists (she joined our team on May 2013). She has taken part in research programs in the University of Athens and her work has been published in scientific periodicals.

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