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    Our Vision

    The decision to have children and become parents is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. For some couples, infertility shadows their dream of having a baby. At ‘gennima’ we make this dream come true for you and hundreds of other couples every year.

    ‘gennima’ was created based on the experience of all our associates (physicians, embryologists, nurses) on reproductive medicine and also on our common goal: your healthy baby.

    At ‘gennima’ every couple facing infertility is special and unique. We focus on personal and individualized care. Our goal is to make the experience of fertility treatments as simple and stress-free as possible while following the laws of the state and medical ethics.

    With honesty and attention to detail, we are thorough in pinpointing the causes of infertility before starting treatment and we eliminate any factor that may influence the treatment in a negative way. The physicians, the embryologists and the nurses are there for you at any time and they keep you informed about the course of your treatment.

    At ‘gennima’ we are proud of our embryology lab. Our embryologists use the most advanced and effective techniques in reproductive medicine. We use state-of-the-art miniature incubators that simulate the natural environment of the fallopian tubes. They also offer another advantage: each couple’s embryos are cultured separately. We make sure that we use top quality culture media. This way we ensure that the culture conditions are ideal so that a high rate of the embryos cultured are of top quality, according to international standards. A high rate of top quality embryos means that we can reduce the number of embryos transferred and subsequently reduce the rate of multiple pregnancies and their risks.

    Our patients and our success rates prove that every day we help couples create the family they always dreamed of. Their joy and happiness of ‘the dream that came true’ is our greatest satisfaction.

    Gennima | Gynaecology & Reproduction Center

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