Friendly people!
Friendly people!

Friendly people

All our team at Gennima IVF, doctors, midwives and embryologists, is oriented to make the whole experience of infertility treatment as comfortable as possible, simple and stress free. Our goal is to help you build the family of your dreams!


Patient Satisfaction

IVF treatment can be a very positive experience, patient friendly and stress free. This is our main philosophy and our promise to our patients. Our unparalleled and exemplary service to our patients before, during and after their treatment is a cornerstone of their experience at Gennima IVF.


Within our quality policy and operation according to ISO9001:2015 and EN15224:2016 quality standards we conduct patient quality surveys in order to:

  • Identify potential points of improvement in the service we provide to our patients
  • to plan and implement the required relevant actions
  • have measurable results in terms of our patients' satisfaction from all working groups (doctors, midwives, embryologists, secretariat, and patient accounting)
  • to have comparative data in terms of patient satisfaction over time

Friendly people!


Patient Satisfaction


With great joy and a sense of responsibility, we share with you the key results:

  • 91% satisfaction from the patients' experience at Gennima IVF, regardless of whether their treatment was successful or not, that is whether they had a positive result after their IVF.
  • Almost 100% satisfaction from the service they received from our midwives and secretariat.
  • “Trust” and “Optimism” are our patients’ main feelings after their first appointment with our fertility expert Mr. Evripidis Mantoudis. They point that this helped them to proceed with the proposed assisted reproduction therapy.
  • 1 out of 2 couples have already heard positive feedback from their social environment (friends, family, and colleagues) for Gennima IVF and our fertility expert Mr. Evripidis Mantoudis before their first appointment.

In addition to participating in patient satisfaction surveys, our patients have the opportunity to express any complaints or suggestions for improvement.

Satisfaction survey statistics 2015 through anonymous on-line questionnaire.

Detailed results at your disposal.

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Friendly people!
Friendly people!Friendly people!

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