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    The "Natural Cycle"

    It is possible to proceed with an IVF cycle without taking any medication, i.e. with no ovarian stimulation. This cycle is called “natural” and only one oocyte is retrieved. In that case, success rates are quite reduced.

    In a completely natural cycle, there are many parameters, which may adversely affect the final result, e.g.:
    • Ovulation may occur before oocyte retrieval.
    • Τhe oocyte collected at oocyte retrieval may be immature.
    • The oocyte may be of low quality.
    • The oocyte may eventually not be fertilised.

    For all of the above reasons, Mr. Evripidis Mantoudis applies the assisted natural cycle, during which a “mild” dose of gonadotropins is administered, in order for the follicle to mature (starting on the 4th- 6th day of the cycle), along with GnRH – antagonist, so as to prevent ovulation (starting on the 6th day of the cycle, for 3-4 days).  Thus, the mature, good quality oocyte rate is increased, along with the chances of achieving pregnancy.

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