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    Complete Cardiac Checkup

    In cooperation with Mrs. EVANGELIA CHRISTOPHORATOU 
    Scientific Fellow at the 1st University Cardiology Clinic of “Hippocratio”
    Fellow at the “Henry Dunant” and “Hygeia” hospitals

    Before following an assisted reproduction treatment, every patient has to undergo a complete cardiac checkup. Sometimes, pregnancy may be really stressful for a woman’s body. Thus, we want to make sure that her system will be at the best possible shape for the pregnancy expected after the treatment.

    Required tests include:
    • Clinical examination: It includes auscultation of the heart and lungs. We make sure that there is no edema in the lower limbs.
    • Electrocardiogram: The cardiologist seeks possible cardiac rhythm disorders. He/she also examines whether there is left or right ventricular hypertrophy. Finally, he/she checks whether there exist syndromes, which may cause tachycardias or arrhythmias.
    • Color ultrasound of the heart (triplex): the cardiologist examines the heart walls (to make sure that no hypertrophy is observed) and heart valves (to rule out valve diseases). Myocardiac contractility and cardiac cavity structure are also examined and congenital heart diseases are ruled out.

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