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    Breast Checkup

    In cooperation with Mr. MICHALIS PHILIPPIDIS DMCA. DES.
    Breast specialist – Gynaecology Surgeon
    Specialised in Belgium, fmr Registrar in IRIS SUD Hospitals, Brussels
    Retrained in Breast Pathology, in Paris

    Our main concern at “gennima” is the safety and health of the future mother, as well as of the entire new family, after the infertility treatment. Within the framework of our holistic approach, we consider breast checkup imperative before every assisted reproduction treatment.
    Preventive breast checkup is necessary to all women past 20 and must be carried out once a year (annual examination), like gynaecological checkup and Pap test. Breast checkup includes palpation and an ultrasonogram. Especially women past 40 must have a complimentary mammom (also annually).
    Recent studies clearly show that medication administered during IVF treatment is not related to increased possibilities of breast cancer occurrence. Based on statistical data, in Greece, 1 woman out of 9 will develop breast cancer during her adult life (5-8% of cases are related to hereditary factors). There is no doubt that timely diagnosis saves lives!
    Breast examination includes palpation and a meticulous ultrasonogram by a gynaecologist specialised in breast pathology (breast specialist), who will give you directions in case you must have a mammogram, will assess the findings of the mammogram that you may already have had and will give you guidelines in case complimentary tests are required.
    In case of a particular family or personal history, the frequency of appointments and the tests to be carried out are scheduled following consultation with the breast specialist.

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