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    Sperm Retrieval

    On the oocyte retrieval day, the man will have to provide a sperm sample. This can be done either at Gennima, in a suitable room, or at home, provided that the sample is brought to the laboratory within 1 hour.
    The sperm sample is processed in the laboratory before it is put together with oocytes, in order for fertilisation to be achieved.
    Older sperm sample that is kept in cryopreservation (is frozen) can be used for oocyte fertilisation. In case sperm count is known to be low from a previous analysis, it is recommended to preserve a frozen sample.
    Provision must also be made in case the man cannot give sperm sample on the oocyte retrieval day, due to intense stress. In such cases, frozen sample should be available. Alternatively, a mild sedative could be administered.

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