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    Embryo Quality

    Fertilisation and embryo culture until embryo transfer are carried out in the embryology laboratory. Before embryo transfer, embryologists evaluate the embryos based on international IVF regulations. During that phase, couples are informed on “embryo quality”, which may be “top”, “good”, “mediocre” or “bad”.
    This embryo classification concerns the possibility of pregnancy achievement (the patient’s odds of getting pregnant after the specific embryo being transferred) and are irrelevant to the health of the baby to be born.

    Factors affecting embryo quality:

    • Genetic material of the embryos: if there are problems in the genetic material (DNA, chromosomes) of the oocyte or sperm, the embryo “carries” these problems, too.  
    • Protocol for ovulation induction: clinical monitoring of ovarian stimulation and evaluation of the optimal time for oocyte retrieval. At “gennima”, oocyte retrieval is performed on the most appropriate day, even if this is a Saturday or a Sunday!
    • Quality of the embryology laboratory: embryo quality greatly depends on the operation of the embryology laboratory, as well as on the quality of the entire procedure (oocyte retrieval, fertilisation, embryo culture). At “gennima”, we are proud of our embryology laboratory and top-quality embryo rates.

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