Our journey begins in September 2017 [with another IVF clinic in Athens, not Gennima IVF].
My 1st hormonal treatment [ovarian stimulation] was without any eggs at retrieval. They advised me to do an laparoscopic for endometriosis. And also before 1st treatment…they made scratch of endometrium.

My 2nd hormonal treatment was with 4 eggs which we decided to freeze due to the fact that from the clinic they told us to have 10 eggs so we can make the embryo transfer.

My 3rd hormonal treatment was a failure also with no eggs.
My 4th hormonal treatment was with only one egg which did not survive.
My 5th hormonal treatment was with pills this time and on a natural cycle…no success again…
In May 2018 we decided to stop for a while because we were so exhausted and upset.
From the clinic they told us to try with donor eggs and to come back in autumn.
In November I began the stimulation [preparation] of the endometrium. We came to Greece with so much hope…but from the clinic we were having the treatment everything was wrong 🙁 …waiting…lies…so one day in the Hotel restaurant we were staying at, Aris came to us and asked why we are so upset and what we are doing in Greece. (He had seen us for 10 days at the restaurant).

He said to us that he had twins with IVF at the Gennima Clinic.
On Monday we had an appointment with the embryologist at the previous clinic. We decided to take a walk to the Gennima just to see the place:)💕


And what happened?

Our hearts were full of joy and hope when we entered the Gennima clinic.

We met Lena [midwife, IVF coordinator] and Dr Mantoudis and after a long discussion and an ultrasound they advised me not to make any transfer because my endometrium had fluid…and they advised us to try with our own frozen eggs.
At this point we knew that we needed to move the frozen eggs from the other clinic in Greece to the Gennima clinic.
We went home and on the 18th of December I was ready for my 1st IVF and 1st transfer.
From 4 eggs only 2 survived. … and only 1 was [good] quality.
On December 18th at the age of 40 and half we made the transfer and on 31st we had a positive test. My baby was born on 29.08.2019.
Kisses and hugs to all the team.

Ana, Romania.